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Downtown Raleigh Condos

Downtown Raleigh Condos Offer Luxury, Convenience to Buyers

Are you the type of buyer who has never found the suburban life that appealing? Are you instead seeking a lifestyle where you can live at the center of it all, conveniently close to all of the amenities you need and want?

Then you should consider checking out the selection of incredible downtown Raleigh condominiums for sale.

These residences represent a diverse array of architectural styles, floor plans and more. Thus, you’re sure to find one that appeals to your tastes!

A Closer Look at Downtown Raleigh Condominiums

Here are some of the condominium communities located within downtown Raleigh:

  • 1001 Hillsborough 1001 Hillsborough St
  • 222 Glenwood 222 Glenwood Ave
  • 510 Glenwood 510 Glenwood Ave
  • 610 Hillsborough 610 Hillsborough St
  • The Atrium 112 Fayetteville St
  • Bloomsbury Estates 710 Independence Ave
  • Blount Street Commons 510 John Haywood Ln
  • Boylan Flats 615 N Boylan Ave (Planned)
  • Boylan Heights Condos 613 W. Cabarrus St.
  • The Cotton Mill 614 Capital Blvd
  • The Dawson 317 W Morgan St
  • Founder's Row 200 E Davie St
  • Governor's Square 710 N Person St
  • The Hudson 319 Fayetteville St
  • New Bern Place 235 New Bern Pl
  • Palladium Plaza 444 S Blount St
  • The Paramount 618 N Boylan Ave
  • Person Pointe 508 S Person St
  • The Plaza Condominiums (PNC Plaza) 301 Fayetteville St
  • Quorum Center & The Residences 323 W Jones St
  • WEST 400 W North St

As previously mentioned, these condominiums represent an array of styles and designs. For instance, the Hudson in the Fayetteville Street District features modern units with concrete floors and exposed beams. Amenities include a fitness center.

Head over to 222 Glenwood in the Glenwood South district and you’ll discover a mixed use project with a top-notch location on Glenwood Avenue, close to a number of shops and restaurants. Completed in 2008, it features 117 condos and offers such amenities as a pool, fitness center, and grilling area.

Then, when you visit Founders Hall in the Moore Square District, you’ll discover a completely different kind of community. Built in the 1980s, this community features one- and two-story floor plans right across the street from city market.

See? There truly is something for everyone in downtown Raleigh!

The Amenities You’ll Discover Here

When you live in downtown Raleigh, all of the amenities you could possibly want will be right at your fingertips.

For instance, in addition to pharmacies and grocery stores, you’ll also be close to upscale art galleries, inspiring museums, concert venues and so much more.

Plus, by just hopping on one of the major thoroughfares in the vicinity, you’ll find it easy to access all of the amenities and parks out in the suburbs as well.

Buying and Selling Raleigh Condos is What We Do!

If you’re interested in purchasing a downtown Raleigh area condominium anytime soon, I encourage you to contact us at Gillooly and Associates Realty.

We have helped scores of buyers just like you find the perfect condominium for them and we would love to assist you as well.

And if you’re already a resident of this section of the city and you’re ready to list your property, make sure to contact us as well. We’ll work hard to get the price you want for your property.

Downtown Raleigh Condos