Meet the Team
Dylan Rowe

Dylan Rowe

Realtor / Broker / Notary

Coming from generations of realtors, developers, and mortgage brokers, Dylan grew up in a family of real estate professionals. He specializes in helping his customers buy and sell commercial and residential real estate, putting great emphasis on marketing properties, and consulting for investment purposes. Dylan is here to keep the process fluid, successful, and as low-stress as possible. His approach is deeply analytical, and he works tirelessly to ensure his 
clients are up to date on their homes and/or investment.

“I am confident that Raleigh/Durham has everything that anybody could ever need in a community, and that’s what I love about the city—its abundance in style and neighborhoods.” When he is not helping customers buy or sell real estate, you will find him exploring our beautiful state and cities. It’s easy to sell something when you have a deep passion for it. That’s why many of his out-of-town clients get an itinerary to explore as many parks, restaurants, shopping areas, and places of interest as they do neighborhoods and houses. Dylan will help you obtain the property you’ve always dreamed of by focusing his strategy on your style, needs, and budget.

When it concerns his clients, Dylan believes in transparency, saying, “I feel creating something of value has to lead first with integrity, which makes a solid foundation for doing great business together. I recognize and value my clients’ trust in me, and I strive daily to exceed their expectations.” Dylan has excellent negotiation skills, uses cutting-edge marketing, and has unparalleled local and global connections. Whether you’re a buyer, a seller, or an investor, when you work with Dylan you’re considered family.