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Residential Real Estate

Whether you are a developer looking for an ideal location to bring your vision to life or an investor seeking lucrative opportunities, our team of experts is equipped to guide you through the residential real estate process. With our extensive knowledge of local markets and zoning regulations, we identify strategic land parcels with the potential for substantial returns. Trust us to negotiate on your behalf and ensure a seamless transaction that maximizes your investment. We are located conveniently at 232 E Chatham St, Cary, NC 27511

Commercial Real Estate Sales and Acquistion

For businesses seeking optimal locations and spaces, our commercial real estate services offer a competitive edge. From multi-family, hotel, retail, office, or industrial spaces in bustling city centers to state-of-the-art office buildings, we understand the importance of finding the perfect environment for your enterprise, that’s why Gillooly is the premier commercial real estate provider near Raleigh-Durham NC. Our team of professionals leverages their in-depth market knowledge and network to identify properties that align with your specific requirements. Whether you’re expanding, relocating, or starting a new venture, we are dedicated to finding the commercial real estate solution that propels your business forward.

Sell Your Residential or Commercial Property

Whether you’re looking to sell residential land or commercial property in the Raleigh, NC, Triangle area, Gillooly & Associates Realty stands out as the luxury real estate firm of choice. We specialize in maximizing the value of your assets and ensuring a seamless transaction experience. If you’re looking to sell your residential or commercial property, contact us today to get started.

Residential and 
Commercial Development​

For those interested in creating new investment opportunities or developing land, we offer expert guidance in neighborhood and commercial land development. Our team understands the intricacies of real estate development, from site selection, re-zoning, site design, building plan approvals, management of construction and cost necessary to complete development – ensuring your investment is both profitable and successful. Residential and commercial property development are complex endeavors, let Gillooly help.